The Flicker mission concept was developed at the Southwest Research Institute, with advanced onboard computing resources developed by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The mission is led by principal investigator Dr. Alex Parker, and the team hails from institutes across the US, Canada, Ireland, and Japan.

PI - Alex Parker, SwRI.

PM - Traci Case, SwRI.

SEAmir Caspi (SwRI).

Science team:

Science Pipeline Lead: Federica Bianco, NYU.

Instrument scientist: Eric Schindhelm, SwRI.

Eliot Young (SwRI), JJ Kavelaars (NRC Canada), Wesley Fraser (Queen's University Belfast), Steven Bickerton (Kavli IPMU), Keith Noll (NASA GSFC), David Nesvorny (SwRI). 

Engineering team:

Scott Palo (CU Boulder), Jillian Redfern (SwRI), Jed Diller (SwRI), Zach Dischner (SwRI), Gary Crum (GSFC), Alessandro Geist (GSFC), Tiffany Finley (SwRI), Judy Brownsberger (consultant), Robert Woodruff (consultant), Chad Fish (consultant).